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Florinel Nicolai Deciu

Hi, I'm Florinel Nicolai Deciu. Welcome to my profile!

Florinel Nicolai Deciu's Bio:

On his way to support the sharing economy, raising awareness, Florinel Nicolai Deciu aka Tzarul Nicolai, would like to share with you a few words about this bootstrapping movement based on trust. The Sharing Economy, also called Collaborative Consumption, connects people to their communities, saves money, and is environmentally-conscious and transactions are based on borrowing goods and services outside commercial enterprises.

There's an art and science to establishing trust online. You can claim your trustworthy online data and collect the good reputation you have earned here:

Trust and online reputation for @tzarulnicolai

1) Trust Cloud:!/florinel.deciu - trust score : 787

2) Kred Story: - kred score : 966/10

3) Klout : - score : 70

4) Connect.Me - Trust anchor, 14,9K followers.

5) Peerindex : - score: 62

6) Naymz : - score : 99

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1) XeeMe : : 4,5K contacts, XeeScore : 120

2) Twitter : - 10,9 K followers, 179K statuses.

3) Google Plus : : circled by 24,9K, 1.410K views.

4) Facebook : : 2,1K friends

5) Pinterest : : 2,7K followers, 142 boards.

6) Empire Avenue : (e)TZARULNICOLA : 424.85e / Dividends/Share: 1.53e - 1,8K shareholders, 76% outstanding shares, 229,189,308.63e Net Wealth.

He believes in the power of networking, that's why he is a "LinkedIn Open Networker" (LION) and a "XeeMe Open Power Networker"(XOPN) and as such welcoming new connections. Feel free asking to connect on all places and spaces.

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